A bright and airy room where there is the room to explore and have fun. Our staff are experienced and work with you to establish routines which match your own home routine and each baby has their own diary which shares with you important information of their sleep times, nappy changes, eating and activities. The room is relaxed where cuddles and laughter are the norm. Within this setting your child explores the joys of texture, colour, music and language within a safe and secure environment.


Around the age of two and steady on their feet, your child is ready to move into toddlers. This room is full of activities at floor and table level and staff are experienced in creating fun things that the child can learn from in areas of water, baking, craft and painting and music. Toddlers are encouraged to learn how to share co-operate and play both individually and in groups.


Children in the 3-5 age range are helped and encouraged to develop their skills in preparation for the next step – starting Primary School. Using the Curriculum for Excellence Framework the room is set up to develop skills in numeracy, literacy, role play, construction, craft and art, construction, sand and water.

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The nursery has a safe and enclosed garden which all children access daily.